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Full stack design and development for custom web and browser-based applications. AXIOM designs and develops large-scale dynamic, interactive, and mission-critical web applications.  These web applications are cross-platform, perform at a high-level and meet the Organizations processes, workflow, functionality, and data needs. We develop rich and robust user interfaces that provide an intuitive, productive, and enjoyable experience for the users. The web applications can be open to the public or closed so that they are only accessible within the organization, or they can be a combination of both.  Part of the web application is external and usable by the public, and part of the web application is only available internally to the Organization. We create secure authentication access to the web application and create user roles with specific permissions guiding what each user role can and can not do. We gather and store data optimally for easy retrieval, reporting, and sharing as appropriately needed.

Custom Web Applications
Don’t stop growth, fall behind in an important project, or wait out the hiring process when you can leverage our expertise:
  • We’re not an Agency, we provide you with an AXIOM team member, not outsourced resources who are less skilled and we haven’t worked with.
  • We can supplement your existing team, successfully deliver a specific scope of work, or fill a software role in your Organization.
  • We bridge the gap with changing staffing needs, requirements for specialized skills, or to quickly scale your team
  • We can fill your requests immediately for the needed amount of time.
  • Our resources work with you onsite or remotely and have been trained and certified on a number of technology skill sets.
  • We offer quality solutions for our clients that require expert software development and staff scalability.
AXIOM’s software development professionals cover a comprehensive spectrum of technologies, programming languages, website platforms, and databases, therefore, we can provide solutions that are unbiased on any specific technology or technology vendor.  We are versed in full software development lifecycle projects and process, as well as Agile methodologies.  Our team is all employees of AXIOM, and they all have a Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science.  My two partners and I are an integral part of the team, so you’re not only working with highly skilled software professionals but also directly with the ownership.
Databases are the essential component of almost any software application. They store and allow quick retrieval of information. The adage of “Data Is King” is still very true in our modern day software applications. AXIOM has extensive experience in designing databases and developing database code to access and write to the databases securely and efficiently.  We have designed and maintained databases in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Postgres. There are still plenty of legacy software applications that utilize Microsoft Access and we have modified and maintained plenty of those types of applications. Databases need to be designed by database gurus like our experts at AXIOM so that access to and from the databases can be secure and efficient while ensuring that data integrity is not compromised. As well, AXIOM specializes in migrating data from multiple other data stores, legacy systems, and spreadsheets in an automated fashion that not only retains the integrity of the data but often times improves it.  The final product is data that is more accurate, easier to retrieve, and more useful for making knowledgeable decisions.
Full stack design and development for distributed multi-tiered systems architected for integration, flexibility, and scalability. AXIOM has extensive experience in architecting, designing and implementing Client-Server and Desktop Applications. We have successfully implemented multiple Client-Server type architecture with the client applications residing on the desktop and interacting with the backend services or databases.  Depending on the infrastructure and requirements, each system is designed with the appropriate tiers needed for security and performance. We have designed and implemented “Rich Client” platforms that provide more functionality and flexibility than a browser, and access to local resources. Successful implementations were done in Java, .NET, Microsoft Office on the client side and IIS, SQL Server, Oracle on the backend.
Native mobile apps and web browser-based applications with effective UI to accommodate your mobile business and workforce.
Gather, integrate, store, and represent your data spatially with maps and visual models to reveal information and deeper insights into the data.
Experienced professionals to lead your project in strategic and tactical planning, followed by implementing the desired solution on time and within budget.
Analysis to identify specifications, features, functionality, and data requirements for your system.
Immediate support for all your systems and application needs, including troubleshooting, bug fixes, optimization, emergency issues, or whatever your current priority is.

Agile Software Development

A friendly, easy, effective approach to software development

  • AXIOM generally adheres to the Scrum approach for Agile software development
  • Iterative approach focusing on continuous planning and feedback, therefore, significantly reducing risk.
  • Frequent releases allow potential issues to be identified earlier, and requirements can be verified and/or modified earlier in the project's lifecycle.
  • Software development team can operate with agility and flexibility as appropriate.
  • Engages client (Product Owner) and promotes cooperation and collaboration amongst the team.
  • Working software is delivered earlier and more often, increasing visibility and transparency for the client and project team.
  • Functional deliverables (user stories), will be tested and assessed for quality at regular intervals (Sprints) during the project.

Industries we’ve provided our services for

  • Health Care
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Security
  • eCommerce
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • State Government
  • US Forest Service
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Distribution
  • Import/Export
  • Automotive
  • Ranching
  • Trucking
  • Tourism
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Advertising
  • Real Estate
  • Fire Sciences
  • Non-Profit
  • Retail

Technologies We Know & Love

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