Tracking permits so you can focus on the essentials

Our state-of-the-art online solution allows permitting authorities to expedite applications, develop standardized permit documents and enforce compliance.

  • Decrease time required for processing permit applications.
  • Increase efficiency while standardizing letters and documents.
  • Enhance communication and minimize litigation.
  • Map-based compliance schedule management.
  • Streamline fee payments online and offline.
  • Transparent interface with internal or external people and systems.
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  • Online application

    Our public facing online permitting system allows for new or renewal permit applications to be completed and submitted online via an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. Once the application is completed, applicants can electronically sign their applications and pay their fees via a secure online transaction. The system allows for the permittee and permitting organization/authority to effectively communicate with one another to ensure the permit processes (application, issuance and compliance) are completed in an efficient and productive manner.

  • Management Support & Tracking

    Your organization can review the permit application and communicate back to the applicant regarding the correctness of the application, where more information is needed, and in general what the permittee needs to do in order to submit an accurate and complete application. Once the completed permit has been submitted it will progress through your organization’s customized internal work-flow in an automated fashion. The Organization is able to track and monitor the permit’s progress via helpful and informative Dashboards, giving users of different roles/types a view of their workload and the progress of each permit in the system. An intuitive and effective document builder/manager allows the necessary documents to be created, managed, digitally signed, and stored as necessary for the completion of each permit, and to perform the review, research, and audit of past permit information.

  • Compliance

    When a permit is granted, the system will ensure compliance during the lifetime of the permit against the Organizational, State, and Federal regulations as appropriate for each particular permit. This can be done by requesting periodic reports / data from the permittee or through formal inspections of the permittee's facility.

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  • Fill-out, sign, and pay for a permit application (new or renewal) online.
  • GIS maps for accurate location setting and review.
  • Track permit applications through your business processes and workflow.
  • Active Directory for internal user authentication.
  • Document management and builder for applications, letters, permit, contracts, inspections, etc.
  • Invoice generation with online payment.
  • Dashboards for each user role.
  • Configurable templates, fees, text, selectors, user roles, permissions by industry or permit type.
  • Wizard-based user interface to help applicants find the needed permit.
  • Print queueing to facilitate efficient printing, mailing, and tracking of all documents.
  • Usable for permits, licensing, certifications, contracts, grants, scholarships, etc.
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Surface and Ground Water Permit Features

  • User interface for limits and monitoring requirements, tailored to specific user roles.
  • Templates for limits and monitoring requirements by industry or permit type.
  • Document management and builder for fact sheet, environmental assessment, permit modifications, etc.
  • Interface with EPA's Shared Cromerr Services and ICIS (Integrated Compliance Information System).
  • PeopleSoft accounting system and related payment gateway.
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