AXIOM IT Solutions, Inc. was created by four software development professionals in 2001 who also directly provide the services, knowledge and expertise to our clients. Why choose AXIOM? Read more….

Ryan Weisser:
Ryan’s been active in software development since 1992. After receiving his degree in Computer Science, he used and developed his skills in structured programming, system analysis, system integration, relational databases, networking and project management. As his career evolved from a programmer analyst and technical resource to a position of leadership, he was made the Manager of Computing Resources and served on the Executive Management Committee for Watkins & Shepard Trucking. For 2.5 years he was a Project Manager and assisted in managing the Missoula Development Center of Manley Group, an information technology consulting company. In 2001 Ryan and his partners started AXIOM IT Solutions, Inc. to deliver best in class software solutions to businesses wishing to integrate technology effectively into their business processes, growth plans and success. Currently Ryan is President and Partner at AXIOM, where they specialize in custom software solutions, and he is chiefly responsible for Business Development, Human Resources, Finances and Marketing.

Marc Dousset:
Marc has been in software development since 1996.  He has in-depth experience in the design, architecture, development, and implementation of software applications and solutions. Emphasizing object oriented design and programming, he uses state-of-the-art programming languages, frameworks and tools with extensive experience in Web programming using Java, XML, XSLT, Web Services, Open Source and Microsoft .NET Technologies, on various platforms. He has a Computer Science degree and certifications from Sun for Java development, and IBM for XML and related technologies. Marc is a Senior Project Manager, Senior Software Engineer and equal Partner of Axiom IT Solutions, Inc. where he serves as the VP of Operations.  While developing custom technology solutions he provides Project Management, System Design and Architecture, Internet, E-Commerce and Desktop Application Development, Database Design and Development, System Integration and Data Migration, and Strategic and Tactical IT planning..

Jeffrey Heng:
Jeffrey is the Vice President of Technology and Partner at AXIOM. His technical roles at the company include Senior Software Engineer, Systems Architect, Systems Administrator and Consultant. Since 1990, he has been involved in software analysis, design, architecture, development, and implementation of software applications and solutions using .NET, PHP and other leading technologies on the different major computing platforms like Linux/Unix and Microsoft Servers. Jeffrey holds a M.Sc. degree and a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Montana, a Technician Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic, and is also a Microsoft Certified Professional.

The full AXIOM team consists of 14 software development professionals with over 220 years of combined experience. These highly skilled and experienced software development professionals cover the complete spectrum of technologies, programming languages, platforms and databases, therefore, we can provide you a solution that isn’t biased towards any specific technology or technology vendor.  Our team consists of all full time employees of AXIOM, and each has either a Computer Science degree or Master of Science degree.

We understand the relationship of People, Process, Technology and Data and how they need to work together in your Organization.

We strive to understand what is important to your business, your employees and your customers, in order to deliver a project that will exceed your expectations. As a highly focused group of experienced, personable and seasoned business technology professionals, we are dedicated to create value through services to our clients in public and private sectors, nationally and internationally.

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