Who we are

Expert team of software specialists

AXIOM is currently a team of 16 highly skilled & experienced software development professionals and staff who are versed in a comprehensive range of technologies, programming languages, platforms & databases.  We can provide you with a full stack solution that is unbiased to any specific technology or technology vendor.  Our team is all full-time employees of AXIOM, and we will not outsource your project to anyone else.

Our team all have at least a Computer Science degree or Masters of Science degree.  The owners are an integral part of the team, so you’re not only working with highly skilled Software Professionals but also directly with the ownership. This ensures that you’re getting the best services available to you.

We implement important, meaningful, and purposeful software projects.  We work with different clients, in different industries, using different technology stacks.  Frankly, the work we do is hard, complicated, and intricate, which is all very exciting for us.

Our team of software professionals enjoys collaborating with our clients, the creative nature of solving problems with software, and loves a good challenge.  This breadth of real-world project experience and continual learning and improvement is invaluable and ensures that we can implement software solutions and services that will be of great value to you.

Our Core Values

The foundation we're built on is our commitment to you

  • Customer Focused - We seek the best for our customers and strive for their success.

    The definition of a successful project is defined by the customer. We deliver on our commitments, and strive to be clear in setting and meeting expectations. We are quickly accessible to our customers regardless of other activities going on. We strive to be trusted advisors to our clients, and gain this high level of trust by looking out for their best interest at all times. Trust can take a long time to build, which AXIOM is committed to engender. With every successful project, we increase the level of trust our client has in AXIOM, which sets the stage for a desired long term relationship with them.

  • Be Curious - We desire to listen, to learn and to understand.

    Through listening and asking questions we learn what is driving our customer, other vendors, and fellow team members. We seek to be open to hearing what others are really saying, and not letting preconceived notions cloud our judgement. Every interaction is a chance to learn more about the business of our customers and how we can help them be more successful. Curiosity leads to a deeper understanding, which serves as a foundation for a successful project and deeper relationship with a customer. Being curious can be considered a vocation at AXIOM. Employees who are the most successful here are those that enjoy learning a wide variety of technologies and business areas.

  • Integrity - Our moral integrity is our guiding light.

    We do what is right even when no one else is looking. As consultants we provide value to our customers from our experience. The quality of our advice is why we are in business. When we see situations where things can be improved, we do not hesitate to recommend a solution to the customer

  • Teamwork - Together, we succeed with mutual respect and kindness.

    Success does not happen in a vacuum. It requires great people working together. We routinely drop everything to help a co-worker in need because we genuinely want all of us to succeed, making choices that put the team before individual performance.

  • Employee Centric - We care for one another while honoring our differences.

    At the heart of every company is its people. Without us the company would simply not exist. Supporting us are our families and friends. Without that support system we would not be able to do the quality work we continually do for our clients. We are constantly humbled by everyone’s commitment to the company. We genuinely care about the well being of each other, knowing the price for one’s families and friends that is exacted by having a job in the IT industry. We strive to keep work at work to allow for a great work - life balance.


Foundation in Computer Science

Education, Training, Experience

  • 14 Computer Science Degrees
  • 6 Master of Science Degrees in Computer Science
  • 1 Ph.D. in Computer & Information Science
  • 4 Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • 3 Geographic Information System Specialists
  • AXIOM is a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2002:
    • Web Development Competency
    • Software Development Competency
    • Mobility Solutions Competency
    • Data Management Solutions Competency
    • Silver Application Development Competency
  • IBM certified, XML and related technologies
  • MySQL 5.0 Certified Developer
  • Sun certified programmer, Java 2 platform
  • Over 200 years of combined real-world software project experience

We give back to our community and support technology industry best practices

  • Member of the Montana High Tech Business Alliance since 2017
  • Serve on the University of Montana Computer Science Department Advisory Board since inception
  • Serve on the Missoula College IT Program of Study Advisory Committee since 2017
  • Served on the University of Montana Business School, Information Systems Advisory Board 2006 - 2009
  • Sponsor for State of Montana Government IT Conference: 2007 - 2017
  • Sponsor for Montana Governor’s Conference on Tourism & Recreation: 2012 - 2018
  • Sponsor for the Montana Crime Prevention Conference: 2014 – 2017
  • Member of the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce since 2004

Meet the Owners

Marc Dousset
President & CEO

Marc is the ultimate Software Professional (Guru).  From his days developing in Java, to now leading projects and running Agile software teams, he’s extremely...

Jeffrey Heng
Vice President of Technology

Often referred to as Yoda by Team members, Jeffrey likes to stay “in” the technology.  He’s just as comfortable and excellent at talking zeros...

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